Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Romance & The Night Shift.

Actually I should have titled this "lack of romance on the night shift".As any eligible ladies seem to be few and far between.
Of course I meet a lot of "bar stars",and the twenty plus, piss tanks,neither of which hold any appeal.
Firstly I'm not interested in bar flies,and the latter are obviously to young.
Their is obviously a shortage of single, forty plus age women  taking cabs at night,what a shame. ;)
But then again the hours a cabbie must put in to make a living, are not really conducive to  a decent relationship.
    This is a far cry from my last job,where I was the general manager for a cab company.I felt like I had finally arrived,working a 30 hour week,making good money,and having a company car to boot.
There was no shortage of  available single women at that job.But then the cynic in me thinks that had a lot to do with the title and my income.With out going into detail,my last relationship there certainly bore that theory out-and they say men are shallow.
The good things as well as the bad ,don't last forever,everything in life is subject to change.

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