Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl & The Drive By Cabbie.

Super Bowl Sunday,I have no idea why American football is so popular in Canada,but it sure as hell created a frenzy in town tonight.We went non stop through the whole shift,and at one point, had to call in extra cabs.
No doubt their will be a lot of folks waking up today, with super hangovers.
I was dispatched to one particular house party,and was not getting any response.I radioed the dispatcher and told her to move me on,as no one was coming out.
She replied that it was going to be a good fare-a $50.00 flat-to a town north of us.It doesn't matter I told her,"I'm not waiting here any longer".
I have a reputation for having absolutely no patience for people who call for a cab,and then take their sweet bloody time coming out.Thus they call me the the "drive by cabbie","if they are not standing on the curb when Joe drives up,he will just drive on by".
Actually I am not quite that bad. But it really does piss me off that people can not get ready "before" they call for their cab.
So she moved me on."We will wait for a call back on that one she says."
I do a couple short runs,and when I'm clear,being the sweet and fair dispatcher that she is,she radios me that the fare going north,is now ready to go.
"Car 14 do you want to head back to that address?" I don't want to see you lose a good run ,she says.
No I replied,"you know me,if I go back and their still not ready,I'll be really pissed off."
Yes "drive by" she says,I know." The call then went out over the air to another driver.
The fellow that took it was "Fast Eddy",a part time company driver and a good friend of mine.
Eddy and I happened to meet up later and he remarked "you should have gone back for that call".
Why is that I asked? "The guy threw me a hundred dollar bill,and told me to keep the change" he replied.
A $50.00 dollar tip! Not to shabby at all,very nice I tell him,"its all good Eddy you deserve it".
Ed's a hard working guy-who puts in a lot of long shifts,often on short notice.I was happy for him.

Of course a lot of my fellow cabbies think I have a screw loose.For the sake of waiting five or ten more minutes,I could have had that nice windfall.
I'm certainly not adverse to making money,but its just a means to an end,its not my God.
As long as I make enough to pay my rent and buy groceries,I'm content with that.
I love the freedom driving cab offers me,especially as a broker.I make the decision's on what I want to do, or don't want to do.
My philosophy is "that I work to live-not live to work",and that suits me just fine.