Monday, January 11, 2010

Dumb & Dumber!

My fare and I pass by three Police cruisers that have a car blocked in on a side street.
We both remark "jeez wonder whats going on there",they have one guy leaning over a cruiser patting him down,with another fellow talking to an officer.
I continue on and drop my fare at her home,circle around and head back towards the downtown area.
I'm not a mile down the road,when the dispatcher calls me on the radio to pick-up at 58 Bronte...I radio back and tell him I'll give it a try,but the cops have that street blocked.
Yes I know he responded,it was the police that called to have a cab pick up two fellows that they have detained there.
I think to myself as I head towards the flashing police lights...oh great send the two wing nuts with me, why don't they just skip go and take them right to jail.
I arrive at the address, two guy's get in and I ask where to boy's? The one beside me say's " well we just caught a break,I was yanked for being impaired,and my buddy Jake in the back was nailed for possession of pot and drug paraphernalia,they are impounding my car,but releasing us as long as we go straight home.
Bonus I say,you guys should buy a lotto where am I taking you I ask again,well he says the cops told me I'm responsible for Jake tonight and to take him home with me.
So he gives me the address and I take them home,but on arrival the guy up front has a change of heart,and tells Jake to go in and that he will be back later after he visits his girlfriend.
This does not sit well with ole Jake,he starts freaking out,"fuck that man,we are supposed to stay together or the cops said they would lock us up!
His buddy replies "Jake just get outta the fuck'in cab,and I'll catch you back here later.
So we leave Jake standing on the corner fuming and I take romeo uptown and drop him off at his girlfriends.
The story should end here,but not for these two genius's,10 minutes later a dispatch goes out to my buddy Grizz in his cab, to pick up at the address where I left ole Jake on the corner.
Jake is determined he is going to sleep in his own bed tonight...the cop's warning be damned.
So Grizz unaware of whats taken place earlier with these guys drives him home.
As Grizz related to me afterwards,he had no sooner pulled on to this guy's street,when his cab was surrounded by police crusiers.
The cops got up in Jakes face and asked point blank "do you not understand english or are you just plain stupid?? (I vote stupid)
So he gets his last warning,that its back to his buddies for the night or jail,so they tell Grizz to take him back,and indeed they even follow the cab back to be sure of it.
We never did actually find out why ole Jake wasn't allowed to sleep in his own home.
But I know one thing for sure,if it had been me,and I caught a break like these two clowns did,I'd have taken the cop's orders.Got a good nights sleep and be up bright and early to meet him at the station "to shine his boots"!