Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pay It Forward.

I am a strong believer in "paying it forward".Whenever someone does me a kindness-I always try and pay it forward-no matter how big or small the act.
It became obvious to me today that an old friend of mine believes the same thing.
He won a small- but significant amount of money -to a working man-in a local lottery.
I have- due to illness-fallen behind financially,to the point that I am a month behind in my rent and bills.
Today when I awoke their was a message on my voice mail from this fellow.
He wants to hire me to take him to the city tomorrow to collect his prize.I don't see him often anymore and he had no idea how far behind I am.He has always been a nose to the grind stone worker-and struggled his whole working life.He is now in his late sixties-and still working.
When I was in a management position I gave him off season work-in fact the last time he worked for me he was so broke he couldn't afford new shoes-so I gave him a pair of mine.
This man has a hard edge to him-he was a Military Police Officer way back in the day.He beat the bottle many years ago-but still retains that gruff personality.One that many people over the years found hard to warm too.
But If I have been given any gifts in this life-It is(not always)but often, the ability to see past the rough exterior of an individual-and see their heart.
And Mr.P. always had that-he showed that heart more to suffering animals-then people.He was always concerned about strays-and even when it was a financial hardship he would-and still does I'm sure-donate money to the S.P.C.A.
 Mr.P. has not only offered me the opportunity to earn a big fare with his trip to the city-but has also offered to loan me the money to catch up on my rent.
I cannot help but feel God's hand in this turn of events-and for that I am very grateful.
Congratulations on your windfall Mr.P.You finally caught a break in life-one you richly deserve.
Rest assured that when the opportunity arises, I will be sure to pay you're kindness forward.