Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just Some Random Bitching.

Ah yes sitting outside a bar,waiting for some drunk'in idiots to jump in and "drive me nuts, while I drive them home".
Cranking my stereo up to the point of almost blowing my speakers out,grabbing the microphone so they can scream in the poor dispatchers ear,playing with switches or anything else they can get their hands on .
WTF I ask them "were you deprived of toys as a child or what?
 Then there is  always hoping I can pull over fast enough to get the puker's  out before they spray the interior of my car with their stomach contents.
Yes I know it goes with the territory of being a night driver,and yes I'm obviously glad they chose to call a cab,rather then get behind the wheel of a car,but the behavior of  these kid's (usually in the twenties age bracket) still baffles me.
Growing up in the city,my friends and I partied long and hard,spending more time in cabs on the weekend then our own cars.
Yet not once did we ever have an issue with the various cabbies,the cab was to get us from point A to B,we were not interested in the contents of his car,nor did we have any desire to disrupt any of it.
 Maybe its just me getting old,as I no longer have the patience for this new generation of "animal house".