Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fair Well To The Drunks-Scam Artists- And Crack Heads.

Hello little old ladies and grocery runs.I have requested a transfer to day shift. After 14 months of working the night shift-I have had enough.I've been assaulted-verbally abused and threatened-cleaned up after grown men who have puked in my cab-and ripped off for fares to many times.I'm burned out, and its time for a change.
What other business requires one to continually have to argue with people to get paid for their services? The occasional hassel over a fare I can accept-but when I am continually having to call the police just to get some asshole to pay me-thats just bullshit, that I am no longer willing to put up with.
I made the final decision at the start of my shift today.My first fare was a sweet old lady who I got out and helped into my cab.She was thanking me profusely for helping her.When I told her it was no problem at all-she told me that rarely does a driver get out and help her.
That surprised and angered me at the same time.I mean I can be as lazy as the next guy-but jeez the poor thing was about 80 years old ,and walked with the aid of a cane.What happend to common courtesy?
When I dropped her at her apartment building,she wanted to tip me for the $5.00 fare.I refused and told her all cabbies are not the same-and that my being courteous did not require a tip.
As I got back in my cab I felt some satisfaction that I was able to help this lady- that I had left her smiling.
Thats when it struck me that, that was what I missed-the satisfaction of helping people out.Be it even just a small gesture such as that.
Prior to becoming manager at my former employer-I drove day shift there for 10 years.Which for the most part involved dealing with a totally different clientele, then one would find driving nights. Seniors-students-and also people with special needs.
I must add that of course not all my fares at night are obnoxious assholes-I have met and befriended many nice people that were sober, and even some of the piss tanks as well.
My former girl friend once suggested that I had become a little to sanctimonious-as I myself have been living a clean and sober life for quite some time now.I hope that she is mistaken-because that is certainly not my intention.The night scene is just not for me anymore-I find it depressing listening to my fares babble on in their drunken state.The young women openly discussing their sexual preferences with their friends-the guys talking about the latest shit kicking they gave some dude in the bar.The women wanting to trade sex for the fare-the couples male and female, doing each other in my back seat.I could go on and on-I have seen and heard it all.So hopefully next week it will be day shift for me-and if I get some granny who feels the need to share her favorite position in the sack-I will be sure to share it with you! ;)


  1. LOL... Amusingly, well spoken!
    Hopefully you are granted your partial sanity in a switch to day shift :)
    See ya around...

  2. Thanks for you're comments Corrin-I appreciate it.They haven't given me the word yet-so we shall see what happens.

  3. your night experiences as a cabbie are good materials for stories, my friend.

  4. Thank you LindenMarie,they are at that,but alas also an experience in aggravation.Hopefully now that I am on day shift,I will be able to share some interesting stories about that as well. :)

  5. Wow Joe I love the layout of your blog.
    I never heard of any of your books.
    What ever happened to John Steinback ?
    I can't believe that such a scary face as yours could ever be abused!
    Jo public is just crazy at this time of year.

    Happy Christmas and all the best in 2011

  6. Thanks John-and a Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

  7. There are daytime jerks too. But I guess it depends on how the business is structured.

    I only ever had 1 couple have sex in the back seat, and the lady asked first. They were nice, it was a fun ride, and they tipped well.

    It must be somehow better there than it is here. I think the worst thing I ever saw on the night shift was a woman they let start on a Sunday night. First ever shift, Sunday night. Why bother hiring someone at all if you're going to get rid of them in less than a week? That could have been the ONLY reason for doing it.

    I'd listened to them mess with her over the radio since about 6:00, and wondered what that was all about. I stopped by the office for something, don't recall what, and the dispatcher and phone guy were both laughing their ass's off, and messing with this brand new rookie over the radio.

    The company sanctioned this behavior and fired the woman after about 5 shifts. Trouble is, the company isn't run by night people, it's run by day people. Me? The same fat asshole who was taunting that woman saw to it that numerous people called the big boss on a Monday morning and made racial complaints about me. Of course it was just fine that that asshole called me honky. Did I get fired? Yes. But it was, and still is, the day people who actually run the company.

  8. Hope this works out better for you

  9. I've tried both day and night shifts. There are definitely pros and cons of each. The things that I Iike about night driving is the lack of supervision, being able to sleep in, not having traffic, and not having the sun in my eyes. The con - that I am socially isolated from most people working an ackward shift.

    Hope all is well Joe

    - Henry