Thursday, January 24, 2013

Small Town Life.

After writing in my blog yesterday,about the kid I had known way back when. I started to think about all the families and individuals,I have come to know over the years. I have had many customers,who's kids I have watched grow up.From grade school,to high school,and often to college.Its great to see these kids and/or families mature. Some are sad stories,but there is often good ones as well. I can't drive down the street,without someone waving to me or vies versa .I picked up a beautiful young lady yesterday . Soon as she settled into her seat,she looked at me and said,"hello Joe"! I didn't quite recognize her,until she said "I'm Meghan,you used to take me to school,when I lived on Lawrence,with my folks." She is now the manager of a large pharmacy in town.After dropping her there,I thought it lovely that she would remember me ,and the cab rides to school. But small town life is like that,and I like that.

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