Wednesday, April 14, 2010

White Trash?

We have a driver who has a tendency to speak his mind when ever a fare pisses him off,which seems to occur quite a bit.
Yesterday he picked up this guy who was well dressed in a leather jacket and expensive looking shoe's who was bragging about a great score he had just made in a drug deal.But at the end of the trip-and it was a short one-he told the driver he was $3.00 bucks short of the fare.
So the driver flips out on the guy yelling and swearing at him-then tells the guy "your noth'in but white trash,get out of my car"!
So needless to say the customer calls dispatch to file a complaint.And bless her heart, the dispatcher puts it out over the air for not only this driver to hear,but the rest of us and our fares as well.
She was on fire-telling him she was sick of getting complaints about him-and if it kept up he would be looking for a new job.Then she raises her voice and add's "AND DON'T BE TELLING OUR CUSTOMER'S THAT THEY ARE WHITE TRASH!!"
I nearly pissed myself laughing,as the fare in my cab joined in.I mean I feel for the guy,the jerk probably was a dead beat,but I tend to say these things under my breath not out loud.Not very professional and certainly not good for the company's image.Then to have the dispatch broadcast it all over the air,well that just topped it off.As I have often said over the years "where can you have more fun,and make less money,then in the cab biz".


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  1. And then there is me.I wanted to fire this so called reprebate . Who thinks he is the best WRONG (The worst because one who steals eventually will have some one steal his life from him and put him in a structured setting where he will be able to call Bubba White Trash)
    Candy cane ahhhaah